About us

Who are we. We're straight talking and action orientated.

What we're about

SEEBLUE are tech sector specialists and we love what we do! We combine our knowledge of the industry with commercial acumen and client-side leadership experience. 

We’ve experienced the pressures of delivering quality leads, meeting deadlines, annual planning, budget cycles and internal politics. 

We also know first hand what it feels like to need strategic thinking and execution support in a hurry when you take on a new challenge – be that a big growth target, launching a new product or changing the direction of the business. 


What to expect

Every engagement starts with the commercial objectives and works its way out from there, no matter whether you want a full strategy review or a PowerPoint presentation. You can rely on us to challenge constructively and give you a completely honest perspective. 

If you haven’t guessed already, we are straight talking and action orientated. We don’t believe in wasting time on grand theories that won’t impact your business. We want to grow our business, by helping you to grow yours. It’s a win-win approach and that principle sits at the very heart of everything we do.

Our History

SEEBLUE was founded by Helen Brown and Orla Murphy, two senior client-side marketing leaders. They have worked for world-class blue chip companies across the Telco, Unified Comms, IT and SaaS industries, at both international and local level. Together, they bring a deep understanding of B2B marketing strategy, planning, programme design and delivery, particularly as it relates to the Tech sector.

Their passion for leading and building great teams and delivering outstanding results for end customers and the businesses we work with permeates everything we do here at SEEBLUE.

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