Who we are. We're straight talking and action orientated.

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What we're about

SEEBLUE are tech sector specialists and we make no bones about it!

We have many contacts and a deep knowledge and understanding of the IT and Telecommunications sector with client-side leadership experience.

 This helps us to hit the ground running and get you results, quicker.

Working as an extension of your in-house team we use our external perspective to constructively challenge your thinking; helping you to maximise your investment and return.

We are a boutique consultancy so we don’t have layers of account management and sales people. 

We focus on remaining agile and are able to respond to your specific needs with a team that will always be led directly by us.

Working with Orla Murphy and Helen Brown from See Blue B2B Marketing Consultancy

What to expect

No two businesses are the same. We start by understanding the unique needs of your business before building the best approach and specialist resources to achieve it.

Every engagement starts with kick-off meeting, followed by either a workshop or an audit and we work our way out from there. No matter whether you want a full strategy review or a new PowerPoint presentation you can rely on us to challenge constructively and give you a completely honest perspective. 

If you haven’t guessed already, we are straight talking and action orientated. We don’t believe in wasting time on grand theories that won’t impact your business. 

We want to grow our business, by helping you to grow yours. It’s a win-win approach and that principle sits at the very heart of everything we do.

What our clients say about us

Are we right for you?

Getting the right team to support your specific needs is critical. In particular, if you're seeking support in any of the following areas then we can definitely help.

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  • Identify the right customers you should target
  • Enhance the customer experience across all of your customer touchpoints
  • Attract the most profitable customers through the most cost-effective channels
  • Use storytelling to talk about your brand, products and services
  • Generate better quality leads, with higher conversion rates
  • Standardise how you launch products or solutions
  • Annual planning, budget management and ROI analysis
  • Up-skill the strategic capabilities of your internal marketing team
  • Get your marketing and sales teams working together more effectively