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Human attention spans have been falling steadily since the release of smartphones. So much so that scientists now believe that goldfish have a higher attention span than the average human. You have eight seconds to make an impact – the message you send needs to be more connected to what your buyer or customer needs than ever, to cut through the noise.

Jake Bird, Head of Account Based Marketing, Seeblue Marketing

Jake Bird
Head of Account Based Marketing

Jake has experienced the power of ABM first hand and has a deep passion for engaging with marketing, sales and customer success as one holistic team to drive results for clients. With a specialist focus on deriving insights and data that can be leveraged through an integrated activation plan. Jake has worked with multiple global tech clients to setup, plan and execute ABM programmes with particular expertise in the UKI and DACH region.

Why we're different 

Our combined client-side and delivery experience comes into its own here. We understand how marketing, sales and customer success interact which gives us a head start when it comes to working effectively with your internal stakeholders. Our agile approach and analytical mindset allow us to utilise our entire team’s expertise, so we can bring strategic communications and digital into your programme to support end-to-end delivery and the achievement of short and long term KPI’s.

We define and deliver global, multi-tier ABM programmes for household brands, as well as highly pragmatic challenger plays on a budget for scaling businesses. ABM isn’t just for the big guys.

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Using our six-step framework, we help you work out where the best starting point is (1:1, 1:Few or 1:Many). We’ll build a strategy that matches your proposition and audience – engaging them closely, demonstrating that you understand their challenges and how your solution fits into their business.

Align – We want to work as an extension of your team, so we bring together your marketing, sales and customer success teams in a joint workshop to get all of their knowledge and expertise mapped into a defined structure, and agree on joint objectives.

Identify – We’ll work together to identify which departments are the most important for you to target and create insightful buyer personas, reflecting the strengths and services you want to position.

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Research – We gather industry and account insights of your target prospects and accounts through primary research (supplemented with MarTech intelligence), including industry trends, account-specific aspirations and challenges, and the opportunities and focus areas for your business. We are MarTech agnostic and happy to either work with your chosen vendor, or make a recommendation based on your needs.

Formulate – Based on the account, segment, or industry we are targeting and their challenges, we will create personalised messaging that will feed into the short and long term objectives of your programme.


Execute – Once the messaging has been signed-off, we work to create personalised, impactful content with a consistent, omni-channel message and campaigns that are delivered to the identified contacts through; Social media, emails, blogs, eBooks, articles, webinars, events etc.

Evaluate – Ongoing sync calls with wider marketing and sales teams ensure we’re maximising existing insight and planned activities. Any learnings will be fed back into the programme to improve the current approach.

ABM needs predefined success measures that make sense to your business. This could be anything from retaining a priority customers and expanding into new sectors, to building better relationships and changing brand perception.

We will support you with finding the perfect balance of short and long-term KPI’s, which we call the four R’s: Revenue, Retention, Relationships and Reputation.

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