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B2B Digital Marketing Services for Tech Businesses

Before interacting with a website, B2B buyers conduct an average of 12 different searches online. How do you ensure you are sharing the right information, at the right time through your digital channels? Converting your audience to the next stage of the buying journey and ultimately converting leads into paying or returning customers is the ultimate goal. A carefully constructed strategy that leverages multiple channels and considers both organic activity and paid spend is key to success.

Sam Tuckey, Head Of Digital Marketing, Seeblue Marketing

Sam Tuckey
Head of Digital Marketing

Sam has worked in digital marketing for 6 years, from PPC to Paid Social and Google Analytics to SEO. In that time, he’s worked both agency-side and in-house, with SMEs & global brands, assisting businesses across a magnitude of different industries, across almost every continent!

Not satisfied with the experience alone, Sam has also been regularly working on certifications, across the key areas of digital marketing and beyond – he even presented at Tech Marketing Leaders this year.

Why we're different 

We believe that an individual tactic is rarely the answer. Before responding to you with our recommendations, we think first about your commercial objectives and wider marketing strategy. How your current audience targeting is supporting the achievement of your short and long term KPI’s and where the gaps are. You might come to us ask asking to improve your SEO rankings or PPC campaign results, and we might start by talking about your average order value or your client personas.

Seeblue are an expert and passionate team who consider digital execution as part of a wider holistic plan. We work with tech companies to provide Paid Social, PPC & SEO campaign management and delivery. We take the time to completely understand your business and work with you to identify the most suitable opportunities. Our agile approach allows our campaigns to reap the rewards of an entire team’s expertise, whilst our clients continue to have a streamlined primary contact, no matter the project scope.

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Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social is a crucial part of any B2B digital marketing strategy. Most engagements, unless you have already completed this, will involve a period of audience building and A/B testing to establish that we have the right grounding and right approach.

The persona development work that we complete as part of Strategic Communications can be crucial to better understanding your target audience’s needs, drivers and barriers and is a critical precursor to the development of strong, engaging messaging. Once we are sure we are connecting with your audience in the best way possible, we begin to develop the ad strategy and move into the design and execution phase.

Whilst individual ads have their place, we specialise in designing and delivering multi-phased campaigns that leverage re-targeting to nurture your audience through the buying lifecycle.

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PPC Campaign Management

Our PPC services are custom-built to your requirements, whether you’re seeking to improve brand awareness, promote an event or looking to generate qualified leads. Our strategies will incorporate Search, Display, Remarketing and everything in between. Quality is always more important than quantity, and we won’t chase vanity metrics which don’t convert so will engage with you throughout to ensure every campaign is designed to drive long term growth for your business.

Seeblue are much more than an advertising company, we’re an agency who pride ourselves on being an extension to your marketing team. We always aim to work with you, to find the best outcome to your challenges, whether it’s market positioning, the messages you’re delivering to prospects or your online presence.

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SEO Services

As an expert B2B SEO agency, we build and execute strategies, aiming to make your business highly visible online. Our strategies can be built around a need to focus on certain areas of concern, such as local or technical SEO. Alternatively we can design a detailed, forward-thinking strategy, covering all areas of SEO, in which we would highlight the biggest opportunities in priority order.

Naturally, content plays a huge part in any SEO strategy, and we always incorporate content ideas into our approach, ensuring you have content that relates to each stage of the buying lifecycle.

You need to ensure that you can trust the digital marketing agency you choose (not only for SEO but for PPC and Paid Social too). Integrity, doing what we say we will, is one of our core values at Seeblue.