Engaging your audience through virtual events

Virtual events

Our clients are an innovative quantum security company. To support the launch of a new product, they set out to create hero content that would help them to positively influence the press and generate coverage as well as create a hero asset to embed in ABM campaigns for the next year.

The Ambition

Develop a visual identity and compelling event to excite both press and prospect audiences

The Challenge

A company merger happening in the same timeframe created very tight timelines for delivery

The Solution

Seeblue Marketing worked with our client to understand the desired outcomes and goals from the project. Having made recommendations as to the format and agenda we set about creating a visual identity for the campaign in alignment with the brand guidelines. From Invitations to the bespoke landing page, video and social media content, the creative theme carried through. Our team supported our client with LinkedIn ads and hosting of the webinar platform, scripting, managing rehearsals for the speaker and panellists, as well as technical support on the day. The content from the event will form one of the hero assets for account-based marketing campaigns in the coming months, helping to further leverage our client’s investment in the event.

As a result of the webinar, we have added over 30 high quality senior contacts to our client’s database and they are actively discussing a Partnership Opportunity.

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