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Brand and customer experience

The power of brand equity

Building out a stand-out customer experience Tesla. They do things differently. Their CEO tells their story well. As a consumer, I feel like I know something about the qualities of

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Content strategy

It’s all about the content strategy

  A coherent strategy is fundamental to successful marketing, this applies equally to the creation of content. Whilst it is possible to recognise a superbly executed creative or expertly crafted

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Question mark account based marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) expert Q&A

We hosted an Account Based Marketing (ABM) expert Q&A in the latest Tech Marketing Leaders forum, fielding a range of questions from identifying the problems ABM solves, to the benefits and execution detail. Here are the highlights…   Why is ABM so

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Account based marketing focused approach

ABM – What, why, when and how

What is ABM? Account based marketing is a strategic marketing initiative jointly owned and run by sales and marketing. ABM allows you to focus your resources on key accounts/industries where

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Hype or hero?

Account Based Marketing: Hype or Hero?

Let me deal with this question straight up – is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) over-hyped? In truth, yes. Done properly, ABM drives significantly higher conversion, win rates and higher order value than

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Planning for success surfer

Marketing Planning: 3 Top Tips for Success

If ever there was a time to relish the annual marketing planning cycle then surely the thought of closing the door on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021 must be right up there! There are few who would challenge

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Marketing director at your service

Marketing Director, at your service

I worked for many years in the software sector, marketing to small and medium businesses. I regularly extoll the benefits of cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and virtualised solutions. Why? You can

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