Our Team

Introducing the team at Seeblue.

Our Values


  • Deliver game-changing impact 
  • Always act with integrity 
  • No-nonsense approach 
  • Always empowering enabling and rewarding our top talent

Core Team

Helen Brown
Co-founder and Director

As former chair of the Vodafone Group Women’s Network Helen sought to create a greater sense of ambition and confidence across Vodafone’s female employees, a matter very close to her heart.

Orla Murphy
Co-founder and Director

After swearing she would never go camping Orla is now an avid fan and loves it! The family are seriously looking into buying a Campervan!

Morgan Fussell
Marketing Apprentice

Morgan is a former Computer science student at the university of Surrey but after falling out of love with the subject he was looking for a new adventure. This led to him taking his first steps into the world of marketing with SeeBlue!

Greg Spence
Digital Marketing Lead

In his spare time Greg writes music for film and TV and is still waiting for Stephen Spielberg to give him a call to supply the music for his next blockbuster (don’t hold your breath)! He has also authored several books about digital marketing for a publisher in Denmark.

We also work with a number of freelance specialists who act as an extension of our core team and ensure we provide the best value to our clients.