Putting Content at the Centre of Your Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Key Highlights

The results of effective content marketing:

Brand consideration

10 per cent improvement in Brand Consideration scores.

Web traffic & sales

5 per cent month on month increase in web traffic to site and a corresponding increase in sales conversion and performance.


Greater marketing efficiency

The Challenge

Our client was focused on the technical features of their product, without connecting them to customer outcomes. The features and functions of their product were posted on their website, their emails and printed for the sales team. With this product-focused content, the client wasn’t articulating the customer benefit. They were discounting and running heavy price promotions to convert readers into leads.

A survey of target customers found Consideration was low. The content wasn’t reflecting what buyers really cared about. The heavy use of discounts was not conveying the value of the product to the end-user. They didn’t value the client offerings.

Our brief was to define the clients’ value proposition and unique selling point (USP) and to craft a messaging and campaign hierarchy. The outputs of which would form the basis of a campaign creative brief.

Our Approach

We began by defining the customer use cases by segment for each of our clients’ solutions. Identifying the needs, challenges and benefits they could achieve. Following qualitative research we developed a number of Buyer Personas, building a more detailed understanding of the key influencers and decision-makers.

Taking the needs and challenges of the target customers we were able to create a series of high-level messages. These messages would resonate through the Awareness, Consideration and Action phases of the buying journey. The content types driving the best engagement at each stage of the buying journey were identified and combined in a very detailed Messaging Framework and Creative Brief.

This brief was delivered by a full-service creative agency and the client developed an integrated marketing plan to manage the execution.

David Beebe, Author:
“Content is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.”

The Results

The client achieved over 10 per cent improvement in Brand Consideration within 12 months. This translated into greater prospect engagement. On average, a 5 per cent month on month increase in web traffic translated into increased web inquiries. As a result, sales increased.

A greater emphasis on customer outcomes now reduces the reliances on aggressive price promotions. Customers can understand the value of the solution on offer without being motivated solely by price.

From a marketing efficiency point of view, the defined messaging hierarchy was developed into a single creative brief. The subsequent campaign was executed over a full 12 month period, thereby reducing the marketing spend on creative costs.

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