Q&A with Marketing Executive Claire Barker

Seeblue Marketing are an award winning B2B Tech Sector agency, with an impressive client roster and exceptionally high client and employee satisfaction and retention.

As a business that seeks win-win outcomes for clients and employees alike, the business Values and Culture are front and centre, guiding how the team operates.

Claire Barker, a Marketing Executive at Seeblue, shares her perspective on what it’s like to be a part of the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Claire. What were you doing before you joined Seeblue?

Before I made the move to Seeblue, I had just completed a degree in Marketing – honestly, a course that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve always had a strong interest and a passion for marketing, but gaining my degree just wasn’t enough! Whilst at university, I also completed the ‘Level 4 Digital Marketing Certificate’ through the Chartered Institute of Marketing (with distinction I might add!), and also took on the role of Marketing Intern, then Trustee, at a children’s charity in Bristol.

After finishing my degree, I was desperate to find a marketing job that was able to put my passion and knowledge of all things marketing to good use, as well as one that felt rewarding.

And along came Seeblue…

What is it about Seeblue as an employer that attracted you?

Once I met Helen and Orla (our Co-Founders), from our first meeting I could tell that Seeblue was passion-driven, inclusive, and incredibly knowledgeable in the marketing sector. To me, that in itself was a dream organisation to work for, particularly as a graduate.

What does your role involve?

I work as a Marketing Executive – a position which includes both internal and client-facing tasks. On a day-to-day basis, I carry out responsibilities across all of the services offered at Seeblue – from digital marketing and strategic communications, all the way to account based marketing, keeping my days both very interesting and varied.

At the moment, I’m managing paid and organic social campaigns for clients – something which I really enjoy and am learning a lot from, as well as managing industry research briefs and delivering Seeblue’s monthly Newsletter.

What’s it really like working for the team?

The team here at Seeblue couldn’t have been more welcoming as I entered my first graduate role. They offer a huge amount of support through every task I take on, and they’ve made me feel really comfortable in being a part of their team.

One specific benefit I find of being a part of a smaller team like Seeblue is that you have a larger sense of responsibility. Now, don’t let this intimidate you, as realistically, there’s really no better way to learn as part of your first marketing role.

Being a part of every detail that a task requires means you learn loads more about your area of expertise. A great example of this is when I recently had a problem with one of the paid social campaigns I was running, a so-called ‘back-end’, or website problem.

In general, when working in paid social, it’s highly unlikely that you get to become an expert in the website end of things, but here those opportunities are there for the taking, which is great!

Knowing about all the different elements that apply to your area not only helps with the context of your work, it also elevates your expertise to a higher level. ‘Knowledge is power!’

To say my role is rewarding would be an understatement.

Do you feel supported in your role?

Yes, I feel extremely supported.

Helen and Orla really do understand that this is quite a big first step into the working marketing world, and they’ve done such a fab job of supporting and nurturing me in my role at Seeblue.

Another way I’ve felt supported is by them providing me with opportunities to apply my knowledge, getting me ‘stuck into’ the tasks at hand. And of course, everyone in the team ensures that help is on-hand at any point if I need it, and I really feel like I’m having a positive impact on the team!

That’s not the only thing though. I also feel mentally supported – something which is extremely important. Helen and I have weekly one-to-ones where we obviously talk about work, though she also always ensures that I am doing well in general too which is invaluable as a graduate, especially when everything can seem quite overwhelming.

While taking on a full-time job in the sector, having that support bubble and a weekly check-up has made me feel completely comfortable. It makes me feel confident to be myself and to spread my knowledge with our wonderful team!

What do you see as your learning opportunities in the immediate and longer-term future?

I would absolutely love to become an expert in paid social. Seeblue recently organised a one-to-one session with a paid social expert which I found really amazing. It allowed me to ask all of the questions I had been saving related to paid social best practices.

I would love to continue these kinds of sessions on my journey to becoming a paid social specialist, mostly so that I know I’m on the right track and that I’m offering our clients the best advice there is.

And what does the future hold?

Well, the possibility of becoming a more rounded ‘digital expert’ certainly doesn’t frighten me! But that’s all yet to come. If I were to look into those possibilities now, it would really be more for context around paid social for the time being.

What would you say, or what words of advice would you give to other graduates looking to join Seeblue?

If you’re passionate about marketing (extra brownie points if you’re also interested in the B2B / tech sector), then Seeblue is certainly the right company for you.

Working in an agency role is a great way to experience marketing at its best. That’s because you get to work with lots of different clients, with many different goals, tactics, etc. At the end of the day, you gain knowledge that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to touch on in an ‘in-house’ role – mainly because you’re always around experts in your field.

If you’re looking to join Seeblue, reach out! You’ve got that degree that you worked so hard for – now’s your chance to come and put it to good use.

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