PPC account restructure. Getting a clear story from your data

Getting a clear story from data

Find out how we helped increase conversions by 350% whilst keeping costs stable. 

The Challenge

Our client, one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced IT services, have struggled to see success from their Google Ads in recent years – regularly trialling new & different campaigns, even reverting to older campaigns when the tests didn’t work out.

Prior to Seeblue’s involvement, the conversions seen were almost entirely driven by the brand campaign.

The account was very large for the budget, with 56 Campaigns, 249 Ad Groups, 1,240 keywords and 1,693 ads.

The Ambition

To significantly reduce the size of the account, allowing time to be spent in the right places, diagnose any issues quickly and identify opportunities with ease.

Trial a new structure, allowed the data to tell a clear story.

Drive more qualified leads through the account, not only from the brand campaign.

The Solution

Our digital marketing team began by completing a deep dive into the existing structure, identifying high performing/ volume keywords & ad copy to incorporate into the new structure. Whilst also actively seeking low volume & duplicate keywords & ad copy to remove as part of the restructure. 

This deep dive also allowed us to identify where additional campaigns had been created, where they were not essential, this could then be reflected in the restructure. 

The team then compiled all of the insights gained from the existing structure, in addition to thorough research and following our best practice, to create a new structure in line with the client’s priorities.


Our work led to: 

    • Fewer Campaigns (-84%) 
    • Fewer Ad Groups (-38%) 
    • Fewer keywords (-22%) 
    • Fewer ads (-89%) 

With these changes, comparing the restructure’s first month vs the previous month, we achieved: 

  • More Clicks (+49%) 
  • Lower Cost Per Click (-33%) 
  • More Conversions (+350%) 
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion (-78%) 
  • Increased Exposure/ Impression Share (+31%) 

All whilst the cost remained stable (+0.2%). 


With regular testing & ongoing optimisation, we will continue working towards more conversions and better overall results for our client! 

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