Identifying the right audience with Product/Market Fit

Identifying the right audience with Product/Market Fit

Helping scale-ups to identify the right audience and communicate their value effectively.

Clarity on your target market and audience is critical to a successful market launch for any new business or product. The science is in the research and data. The art is clearly articulating what makes you unique to your audience.

The Challenge

As VC backed businesses execute on their Go-To-Market strategy, they are faced with the challenge of identifying which verticals they want to target first and ultimately tailor their messaging toward. 

Often in the technology space, the product provides a solution to a very specific problem that can be experienced by businesses spanning different industry sectors and of different shapes and sizes. 

Understanding the nuances of each sector is time consuming, and scaling businesses do not typically have in-house resource or the expertise to get this right.

Yet without it – you have a commercially viable product but no consistent revenue stream. In other cases, early customers seem easy to come by but then the business starts to hit roadblocks and barriers because there is an issue with the targeting. Identifying the key opportunities in each sector, backed up with data to support prioritisation and the right messaging is a fundamental step in your Go-to-Market strategy.

What our customers have to say...

“We reached out to the team at Seeblue, whose expertise was clear from the outset as they understood our challenges immediately. Seeblue provided us with invaluable market insight which has helped us to solve this challenge quickly and effectively. What we need to say, to whom and when is now absolutely clear in our minds“

Benedict Jones, CEO Traced

The Approach

We have a defined 4-phase approach to identifying the right product/market fit for your product or service; not only delivering the insight and data but making recommendations and supporting the delivery of activity that helps you generate revenue.

1. Market research and profiling

Seeblue conduct structured research into target sectors; reviewing external context and industry needs and drivers. This can be done either at a total sector level or we can delve into sub-sectors and audiences and buyers. We prioritise and map the data based on urgency of need and suitability and this forms the basis of our recommended target list.

2. Market Sizing

We provide multiple layers of data, from Government statistics through to real-time data and can segment based on key words, audience size and buyers. We give you a clear view of the potential addressable market in the sectors that matter to you and can supplement that with target campaign lists.

3. Clarity on the value you deliver

In taking a sector by sector approach, and understanding your unique value and USPs, we deliver messaging frameworks that connect what makes you unique with what your buyers need and want. These frameworks establish a baseline from which we can then develop sales enablement materials and targeted marketing campaigns.

4. Go-to-Market recommendations

Data can only take you so far – you need to act on it to generate revenue. With years’ of Marketing and Go-to-Market experience we can help advise on the best inbound and outbound strategies and support you to deliver those.

Helen Brown and Orla Murphy in the Seeblue Marketing office

Typical project timeframe:
3 weeks

Project cost:
Starting from £2,500 + VAT

We work with clients in the FTSE all the way through to Seed/pre-commercialisation stage businesses.

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