Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications for Tech Businesses

B2B buyers have completed 57% of their decision making process, before they even talk to a business. It’s a busy marketplace out there, with a lot of noise. There is so much information available. Why should your prospects be interested in you? How can you cut through with your message, and take your audience on a journey?

Your strategic communications strategy is your secret sauce. Making a sustained impact, and having the ability to influence your customers and prospects is a critical part of sustainable business growth.

Fiona Hopkinson, Head of Strategic Communications, Seeblue Marketing

Fiona Hopkinson
Head of Strategic Communications

Fiona is an Associate Fellow of the Women’s Engineering Society, and an international award-winning strategic marketer. Fiona is passionate about the power of strategic communications to drive sustained commercial impact. She is also fervent about the role of communications to drive positive change for the next generation of technologists.  Fiona recently completed her MSc in Organisational Psychology, driven by her desire to explore the relationship between communication and behaviour change.

Why we're different 

The language of digital transformation transcends product and sector. As tech sector specialists, we have a deep understanding of many aspects of digital transformation and how this impacts at different levels of a buying centre within a business. Extremely passionate about our craft, we view long-term relationships as the foundation of our approach and work in partnership with you, to deliver value at pace.

Our three core practice areas have been purpose built to augment and enhance our knowledge about your customers, market and channels. We thrive on providing this integrated approach which centres around meeting your commercial objectives.

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We have a highly consultative approach and our first action is to understand your objectives. Whether you are testing product market fit, expanding your portfolio, seeking to re-position your brand or develop thought leadership perspectives.

Our next step is to rapidly immerse ourselves in your sector. To understand your competitors, the wider marketplace, and your prospects and customers. What are their frustrations? What matters to them? How can you alleviate their pains and drive value for them, and their business?

What makes Seeblue stand out is the speed at which we gauge your market context and derive strategic insights that have the capacity to change the way you are perceived in the market.

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Combining new audience insights (through research and buyer personas) with product differentiators enables us to create bold Value Propositions. Powerfully responding to the ‘why you?’ for your prospects. We can look at this from the perspective of your brand, portfolio, products and target accounts – providing you with a clear messaging framework that is aligned to the needs of your buyers to maximise engagement.

Through engaging copy, we will clearly convey how your solution solves their problems, along with the language that best expresses their pain or frustration. Stimulating that emotional connection that drives decision making. After all, in B2B you are still selling to people and we keep this front of mind.

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Your content represents a living set of tools that enable you to demonstrate that you have anticipated and responded to the needs of your buyer at every stage of the lifecycle. Because Seeblue’s understanding stretches from insight and strategy to campaign execution, we have the experience to know what content works and how to develop this cost effectively in a principally digital world.

We consistently deliver value to our clients across the full spectrum of content from Thought Leadership research and blogs to social media assets, sales enablement and integrated demand generation campaigns.

Whether you are seeking to enter a new market or reposition yourself in an existing one, we would love to help. We are ready to craft your compelling story. From strategy to execution and measurement.