Thought Leadership themes and content

Thought leadership use case

Our clients have grown successfully over the last 20 years.  However, with the advent of increasing competition, differentiation became increasingly challenging. By innovating, they developed a new geospatial data portfolio which delivers added value to their customers and differentiates their business. They came to Seeblue looking to develop their market story and help reposition the business to build awareness amongst their new target audience.  

The Ambition

Develop an authentic and compelling market story to engage and excite a new audience.

The Challenge

Define the market story, centred around a series of key thought leadership themes, with the development of a blog series to begin demonstrating their viewpoint and expertise in this market space.

The Solution

As specialists in the Tech sector, Seeblue Marketing augmented their existing understanding of digital transformation with additional research into the geospatial sector including government strategy. Having identified the market priorities in the next 3-5 years, we connected back to the product roadmap and internal capabilities of our client, both today and in the future to build a market story that was authentic to their capability and future goals as a business. It was of the upmost importance that the story was authentic and true to the culture and capabilities of our client, so the story is shared through a series of hero content assets each month, focussing equally on key personnel and capability as well as viewpoints on developing trends. A renewed sense of pride has also developed internally within the business, with the insight and perspective giving a new lease of life to the brand story of our clients’ business. 

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