Using intelligent business development to book C-level meetings in 48 hours


Using intelligent business development to book C-level meetings in 48 hours. 

Inspection² are a fast growing VC backed SaaS company. They needed support to break into a new sector and generate significant new opportunities for their pipeline.

The challenge

Having been very successful in the oil and gas industry they recognised the opportunity that 5G and wider technology changes opened up in the telecommunications sector. 

With a small full-time team who were flat out on product development and existing RFP engagements, Inspection²’s CEO James had neither the internal capacity or the sector insight needed.

With focus on delivering revenue growth, James sought the help of Seeblue because they are telco industry specialists. With the right industry knowledge, connections and sales and marketing expertise they were able to take the business from a cold start to new business meetings at C-level within a 3 month period.

According to James Harrison, CEO:

“To break into a new sector as an unknown brand we really needed a specialist team who could help accelerate our knowledge and advise us on the best strategy. Seeblue really know their stuff and immediately worked alongside us as a natural extension of our team.”

The Solution

Seeblue Marketing defined a 3 phase approach.

1. Market definition, research and profiling

The key to this phase was in Seeblue’s underlying knowledge of the sector and utilisation of analyst insight to provide input on the reality versus media hype. We quickly identified the key drivers and combined this with a classic SWOT and PESTEL analysis to build a distinct value proposition that was highly targeted and demonstrated how Inspection² solved the business problem.

2. Creation of disruptive commercial insight

As an unknown brand, selling into large Enterprise businesses, you have to have something distinct and personal to disrupt your target buyers thought process. Seeblue devised a fully personalised content journey that captured C-level attention with cost and efficiency savings backed up by fact and research. 

3. Campaign execution

When working 1:1 into a specific account, the most fundamental thing is agility – Seeblue built a contact strategy that utilised digital-only channels (recognising new working habits/mass home working during the COVID-19 crisis) and amended their responses daily.
By connecting C-level to C-level with personalised commercial insight, delivered in a visually appealing and highly professional way, we were able to breakthrough traditional business development barriers and create deep engagement at CEO and COO level within large Enterprise organisations.  

According to James:

“The content Seeblue created connected with our prospects in a way I’ve never seen before. The Supply Chain Director actually commented on it, telling me how impressed he was that we had hit directly on their pain points.”

The Benefits

Following 12 weeks of concentrated focus, Seeblue helped Inspection2: 

Key highlights

James said “Without doubt, Seeblue have accelarated our path to revenue.”

Meetings Booked

x2 C-level meetings booked within 48 hours, with one meeting attended by x7 Senior Managers within the prospects business. 

Meeting Conversions

33% conversion to meeting (to date), with RFI discussions now in progress. 

Increased Engagement

Exceptionally high engagement rates – 81% email open and 72% click through rates on content. 

Personalised insight

Creation of disruptive commercial insight to penetrate buyers thought process quickly and in a highly personalised way. 

Low cost assets

Highly agile and responsive process delivered using 100% digital assets which were low cost and easy to change. 

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